A report on the life of fidel castro

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The Remarkable Legacy of Fidel Castro

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The life of Fidel Castro

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The early life of Cuban revolutionary and politician Fidel Castro spans the first 26 years of his life, from to Born in Birán, Oriente Province, Castro was the illegitimate son of Ángel Castro y Argiz, a wealthy farmer and landowner, and his mistress Lina Ruz González.

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The Secret Life of Fidel Castro A former security agent shows the leader lived large while preaching revolutionary sacrifice.

The Secret Life of Fidel Castro

The Remarkable Legacy of Fidel Castro comments Civil and political rights include the rights to life, free expression, and for input on the annual safety report. Nov 26,  · Fidel Castro, Cuba’s communist dictator, former president and divisive world figure, died on November 25 at 90 years old—53 years and three days after his .

A report on the life of fidel castro
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