Business writing skills course auckland

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Educational technology

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Writing objectively

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What does business savvy really mean?

Baking, Mains and Afters. Music, Dance, Drama & Performance, Recreation. Business and Finance, Training & Computing.

Master of Business Administration

Follow your interests and choose from a wide range of subjects in the humanities, social sciences, cultures and languages. Enhance your opportunities for careers or postgraduate study through our double major requirement.

Writing for Results is a different kind of workshop. In just one day, your writing will become clearer, crisper and more effective. You'll write faster, so you get more done for the same effort. Regional Adviser, Auckland Transport. I attended your business writing courses a couple of years ago.

Thanks to your course, my writing has improved ten-fold. My documents are significantly shorter and more easily understood. They are also much quicker and easier for me to write, and my proposals are usually accepted without rework.

If you are a management or business studies undergraduate or postgraduate, doing either a research methods course or a research dissertation, then this is the book for you - a fantastic resource that covers everything you need in a concise, coherent and clear way.


A text for the non-majors introductory statistics service course. The chapters--including Web site material--can be organized for one or two semester sequences; algrebra is the mathematics prerequisite.

Business writing skills course auckland
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