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5th ed. Faculty of Business & Economics, Monash University, Clayton, Vic. Topic 4 The external environment Textbook: Chapter 3 pp ; Chapter 4 pp Markets and market power.

Martin Algie & Brian Kewley () Competition Law Market Definition in Practice (First published John Libby & Co ) Internet publication by the Publication Trust, (available online; includes useful comprehensive analysis of cases and compreensive bibliography).

View Q Manual - Avoid PlagiarismReferencing from BUSINESS at Monash University. 64 Researching ideas, data. graphics, audio-visual media and perspectives of other authors is integrai to. Business and Economics Q Manual Business report and research report presentation and layout 52 Chapter 8 Case study analysis 58 Types of case analyses 58 Economics at Monash University.

This manual is intended to provide you with information on how to produce. Q-manual at. Our Monash Business School Postgraduate Orientation Program is an essential start to your postgraduate studies at Q Manual PDF version (pdf, MB).

Q manual monash business report
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