Writing a case report bmj publishing

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How to write a medical case report

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Writing and publishing case reports: the road to success rare that it is irrelevant to most BMJ readers)’’. Repeti-tions of the past are acceptable if they are reminders of Fox R () Writing a case report: an editor’s eye view.

Hosp Med – 3. Iles RL, Piepho RW () Presenting and publishing case reports. BMJ Case Reports makes it easy to submit cases by providing templates for full cases, "Images in" cases and global health cases. These templates can be accessed, along with additional guidelines for writing, on the Instructions for Authors page.

None of the funding institutions was involved in the study design, collection, analysis or interpretation of data, or in the writing of the report or submission for publication. Trial By Error: The Surprising New BMJ Best Practice Guide. 13 November By Steven Lubet, JD, and David Tuller, DrPH It would be fascinating to learn the back-story of this report.

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What did the BMJ Publishing Group expect when Dr. Baraniuk took on this assignment? I take this as Dr. White “saw the writing on the wall” and made. BMJ is a member of CrossCheck by CrossRef and iThenticate. iThenticate is a plagiarism screening service that verifies the originality of content submitted before publication.

BMJ runs manuscripts through iThenticate during the peer review process. Nov 24,  · At the end of the EEG recording, EEGs were uploaded through an electronic case report form to a central EEG review server.

cEEG recordings were reviewed in their entirety and all seizures were annotated by one member of a group 4 board-certified electroencephalographers, with specific expertise in neonatal EEG (GBB, SM, KVH, EP).

Writing a case report bmj publishing
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